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Why Would You Choose MEAN Stack For Your Web Development?


MEAN stack offers a modern approach to web development. MEAN stands for Mongo DB as a database system, Express as a back-end web framework, Angular.js as a front-end framework and Node.js as a back-end runtime environment.

Technologies were developed at different points of time and are grouped as MEAN stack. JavaScript is a dynamic programming language for server-side and client-side web application development. At present, numbers of popular websites, as well as web applications, are making use of MEAN stack.

Benefits of Using MEAN Stack for Web Development


JavaScript All Along

Since all these technologies are written in JavaScript, your web development process becomes neat.


For the large-scale organization, MEAN.JS is ratio going technology as they don’t require to hire different specialists to work on a single project. MEAN stack has also introduced a new career opportunity to full-stack JavaScript developer.


Node.js is more than a traditional web server. It is a runtime environment. Making use of Node.js in your technology stack is obviously a great advantage. Node.js operates non-blocking input-output to deal with new incoming requests proficiently.

Moreover, Node.js makes use of web sockets to empower sending data to the client without the client having to request it.

JavaScript Object Notation

There is clearly no need to use libraries for converting data during the client-side and server-side interaction.

Importance of Mongo Db

Mongo DB is a wise choice for database system when it comes to managing tons of data. Unlike another database, it’s very easy to update the entire table in Mongo DB. The documents Mongo DB bear a resemblance to objects in an object-oriented programming language.


Angular.JS is a front-end JavaScript development framework for developing single-page applications. Angular is a clean way to add collaborative AJAX driven rich components and function to the c1lient side.

Free and Open-Source

All the pieces of tech available in the MEAN stack open-source in nature, it is obviously free. Thus, you are benefited by various developments and version upgrades by a vast community of developers.

Thorough Support

Constant Support from an industry leader as well as different communities as MongoDB is the leading NoSQL database provider. Azure and AWS are the two biggest cloud providers already support Node.js. and AngularJS is supported by Google. NPM is the largest package ecosystem ever.

A Great Combination Anytime

There are numbers of developers who use MongoDB and Apache and sometimes PHP. On the other hand, there are developers who use NodeJS with MySQL and Angular JS as well. So, there is no fixed rule to make use of this combination