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Advantages of using a WordPress CMS platform

WordPress CMS platform is the most popular and powers more than half the CMS sites worldwide. The system is comprehensive and intuitive and every new version that has been released has been impactful. The developers’ community contributes magnificently and there are innumerable free extensions with the simplest interface.

Why You Should Choose WordPress CMS Platform for your Website


It’s an Easy To Use CMS

If you can use Microsoft Word you can use WordPress CMS, it’s as simple as that. You no longer need to be a professional designer or developer to change the content on your website pages.


It’s an Open Source Platform

Wordpress CMS platform is open source

This means that there is a massive global peer community of experts that support the development and maintenance of the platform. WordPress is completely free for you to use, maintain and update.


It’s Continually Improved and Maintained

WordPress is updated typically more than twice per year, which means you don’t have to worry about your CMS being properly maintained. Each update improves security, experience and ensures that WordPress remains as the world’s leading CMS.


Great for SEO

WordPress CMS platform is built with search engines in mind, giving you the confidence that you are starting off on the right foot and a great foundation. There are also some amazing and easy to use plugins available to help you develop SEO for your website


There Are 1000s of Pre-Designed Themes

With themes, you can create a professional looking website without the aid of an expensive website developer. Some are free, although the better themes are not. Essentially, a theme is website design that someone has built and sold to many people, thus lowering the costs to you.

Most themes these days are mobile responsive straight out of the box, which means you will have a website that will work well on most/all mobile platforms.

Most themes are kept up to date and maintained by the developer, which is another element that you won’t have to worry about.


Access to Plugins and Additional Functionality.

There is a myriad of plugins and extended functionality, both free/open source and premium. There’s a good chance if you need some additional functionality for your website that someone has already developed it and you can get it quickly, easily and affordable.


It Is Future Proof

Wordpress CMS platform is future proof

You can grow and develop your WordPress website as your business grows and develops. Now that you are about to embark on developing a content driven platform for your small business, your website will be updated frequently. You will also consider re-development every 18-24 months. WordPress makes this super easy for you and ensures that your website is future proof over the shorter and longer term.


Development Can Be More Affordable

In most cases, for small businesses, by using WordPress the total price of development is lowered. Even if you use a professional service to build your website for you.


Development Can Be More Efficient.

A lot of the work is already done for you which makes WordPress developer friendly. A developer can move a lot quicker and the lead time is typically shorter.


It Is Easier to Integrate with Other Platforms

WordPress is widely used, that the majority of other large platforms and applications have full integration with WordPress. This allows your website to become part of your whole sales and business processes.