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5 Easy Steps to Learn WordPress Development

Learn WordPress development easily

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS on the internet. WordPress dominates the internet with the highest active websites. With this, the scope of WordPress development also increases.

Here is the exact guide for all the beginners who want to learn WordPress development easily. You can follow this guide.


#1 Get the basics clear

The first thing that you need to do here is learning the basics. There are certain languages that you will need to learn. Before you start learning WordPress directly, we will first see the basic languages that you need.

You will need to learn

  • HTML that is HyperText Markup Language
  • CSS that is Cascading Style Sheets
  • PHP that is Personal Home Page
  • MySQL that is also known as My Sequel

So, before you get into WordPress, make sure you have cleared your basics. Once you learn all these languages, you are all set to proceed to the next step.


#2 Knowing WordPress

Your next job will be to learn WordPress. Please note that here we are not talking about WordPress development but talking about WordPress itself. You need to learn about creating your website and customizing the theme.

There are many more things in WordPress that are worth learning. You can try out different plugins and see what they do. Further, you can also learn about API and other things.


#3 WordPress Codex

WordPress Codex will cover all the basic information about the coding and creating WordPress themes or plugin. It is a manual about WordPress development. Talking about the manual, they also have a handbook about WordPress development which you should surely have a look at. Once you do all of it, you can head over to learning WordPress.


#4 Choose the focus

WordPress development involves many things. You can create amazing themes, plugins, and many more. You will have to choose one. Even if you want to learn everything, you will have to start with one. If you have more front-end knowledge, you can start by developing themes. In the same way, if you have development knowledge, you can start by creating plugins. You can also learn the core part where you will work on WordPress itself.

Once you find a focus, you can start by exploring the existing files. As WordPress is open-source, all the codes are right there. You can take one code and understand how it works. thereafter, you can try creating your own. In this way, it will make your work easier and faster.


#5 Communities

Joining a community will help you in various ways. WordPress has a huge community with helpful members. You can join the community to enhance your skills in various fields.


Final words

To conclude, this was all about WordPress development and how you can get started. You can create your local environment and start creating the themes or plugins. You will surely face a lot of problems with your WordPress journey. So, be ready for some serious debugging.